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EPDM Pipe Boot
The EPDM pipe boot is an economical and fast method of flashing various roof protrusions (purchase the pipe boot that corresponds to the pipe diameter - if flashing a high temperature pipe such as a metalbestos chimney, ensure that you are purchasing a High Temperature boot). 

MMR prefers the on-site fabrication of the pipe flashing using the same material as the metal roof (copper, steel or aluminum), however this is not always feasible and the EPDM boot is a suitable alternative.  MMR recommends the installation of a sub-flashing "drip pan" beneath the panel to effectively provide you with three (3) lines of defense against water infiltration:

1.  EPDM boot

2.  Metal roof panel
3.  Sub-flashing

Installation Steps:

1.  The EPDM boot has markings along the side denoting various pipe diameters.  MMR recommends cutting slight higher than the marking to ensure a tight fit. 

2.  Ensure that the gap between the metal roof panel and the protrusion is properly caulked with urethane sealant before installing the pipe boot.
3.  Apply urethane caulk to the underside of the fastening flange prior to screwing the boot to the roof. 
4.  Using a hammer, gently flatten the fastening flange as you install screws around the perimeter. 
5.  Once installed, seal around the base of the boot while paying special attention to the upslope side as this is where ice, snow and water will be most aggressive. 
6.  MMR recommends attaching a metal hose clamp around the top of the boot in those areas that experience significant quantities of snow & ice.

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