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Mackey Metal Roofing was established in 1999 by Dave Mackey. We provide our clients with the knowledge that comes from 13+ years of hands-on metal roofing and siding installation, materials specification and supply, and product support.

Mackey Metal Roofing (MMR) was exclusively a metal roofing contracting business working in Vermont, New York, Ontario and Quebec, and was well known for delivering complex residential projects with a lot of detail (skylights, valleys, chimneys, intersecting roof lines, multiple pitches, windows, walls and issues re snow, ice and ventilation). 

In 2008 it became clear that there was a need in the market for a company that could supply both materials AND expertise to contractors and homeowners.  Today, 13 years later, MMR is a supplier of metal roofing, siding, trim, accessories and industry related materials to contractors and home owners in the USA and parts of Canada.  Additionally, we prepare materials lists, train contractors and homeowners, and provide technical / installation support via phone, email and video to our clients located throughout North America. We are involved from supply to construction, working closely with our suppliers to ensure that orders are accurate and delivered on time, and helping our clients find solutions to the inevitable complexities that present themselves during construction.  We are proud distributors for American Building Components (established in 1908), Penn Valley Paint (makers of the Calbar line of metal roof paints since 1927), LevelRite ladder tools, Sno-Blox snow retention systems and EagleView aerial roof measuring. 

With the exception of the power tools that we carry, all of the products that we sell are manufactured in the USA by American-owned companies that support their local communities by providing gainful employment, purchasing materials from local suppliers, paying municipal, state and federal taxes and playing an active role in various support organizations.   

We are passionate about what we do, are viewed as true professionals in the industry and consider the opportunity to work for our customers a privilege. Metal roofing has the potential to last well into our children’s lifetimes, something that we take to heart in every interaction and transaction to ensure that any and all expectations are met…and exceeded.

Thank you for visiting us. 

Dave Mackey  

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